Why Hosted?

Hosted services have received a lot of press the past several years and there are many that remain skeptical of moving their data to the cloud.  We’ll be the first to tell you that hosting isn’t for everyone.  That said, we have found that through open dialogue about how hosting works, benefits are realized that address technical, resource and budget challenges.  

Some of the common benefits of hosting can be:

  • Little to no capital investment
  • Accelerated implementation
  • Your staff can focus on internal projects
  • Maintenance is handled for you
  • Monitoring
  • Lower licensing costs

Not all hosting companies are created equal…  Our staff is comprised of engineers that all actively work in the field.  We aren’t sales people, we won’t pressure you, we'll simply talk facts and help you determine if our solutions can meet your needs.  So, feel free to start a conversation anytime to find out if our solutions make sense for you.  Consistent with our consulting practice…. We aim to connect you with the results that make the most sense for you.